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I/O buffer errors on device fd0 when installing fedora 13.

Have you tried installing Fedora 13 and you can’t get past the select storage device step and your
system just remains at that point, then you might errors with one of your storage devices. At this point Anaconda, the Fedora installer
tries to identify all your storage devices bu cannot seem to get one or more of your of your storage devices.

FDC is Floppy Disc controller, and is not enabled in the BIOS. During installation as above and you change into a terminal, you will
notice an I/O error with device fdo0. This happened to me because I had disconnected my Floppy drive and when Anaconda tried to probe it
could not find the device.

The solution is to disable the Floppy Disc controller from your BIOS so that it is not loaded during boot. You might get errors with other storage
devices that are not available so you need to disable them as appropriate. After the disabling the floppy disc controller, my Fedora upgrade
continued without any further problems.

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  1. Ed
    August 9, 2010 at 12:51 am

    Thanks! It’s a stupid bug which definitely wasn’t there in previous versions of anaconda. This was an easy fix!

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